Traditional Marseille soap

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The cube

Steeped in history, Marseille soap has always been lauded for its many virtues: it is natural, effective and environmentally friendly – and is made in France in Marseille. It can be used for body care as well as for household cleaning.

Made in France

Illustration fabriqué en France avec un savon de Marseille, un tampon à savon et des copeaux en fond
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Our ranges

The Savonnerie du Midi (literally ‘The South of France Soap Factory’) has combined tradition with changing lifestyles to develop four ranges of cosmetic and cleaning products, all made using the age-old recipe from 100% vegetable oil, and with several products bearing the Ecocert label.

History of Marseille soap

L'histoire du Savon de Marseille, un H sur image de savon floutée

History of the Savonnerie du Midi

The Savonnerie du Midi is one of the last remaining soap factories in Marseille that still uses the traditional expertise of a Maître Savonnier – a Master Soap Maker. The Savonnerie has been perpetuating time-honoured methods for 120 years and continues to make traditional Marseille soaps, boiled in a cauldron, with a passion.

1894 écrit sur un détail de tableau représentant un port

Inside the Savonnerie du Midi backstage

Enter inside the Savonnerie du Midi backstage! You will discovered our marseille’s know-how since 1894.

Illustration, cube de savon de Marseille et tampons à savon
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Badge de la gamme de savons de Marseille Maître-savon

Maître Savon de Marseille

A cosmetic range, with soaps from Marseille, Provençal soaps and liquid soaps, as well as a range of products for the house and for washing clothes (most of which bear the Ecocert label). Available in large stores.

Badge de la gamme de savons de Marseille soins d'Orient monochrome sur fond beige

Soins d’Orient

A body-care line inspired by the East: soaps from Aleppo made from argan oil, scented massage oils, etc. Available in large stores.

Badge de gamme la Corvette

La Corvette

The historic Savonnerie du Midi brand, which has been in existence since 1894, offers products made of 100% vegetable oil. Available in chemists.

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La Savonnerie du Midi

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